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Property Snagging Services

Property Snagging Services dubai

Snagging is the process of checking a property to see if it has defects or repairs that may have been overlooked by the developer or contractor. Snagging in Dubai serves to protect buyers from having to shoulder the responsibility of fixing these issues, which the developer or contractor should have addressed prior to handing over the property.

Total Property Care provides first-rate property snagging services in Dubai for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. We have specialists who will assess a property to check for any snags

The objective of our service is to enable buyers and investors based in the city of Dubai to rightfully get what they have paid for and ensure that the real estate developer or the contractor they have hired has done a proper job. Once a buyer signs the papers and takes the keys, they are assuming full responsibility for the property – including the repair expenses for any defects they may find after the handover and Defect Liability Period.

By locating the snags early on, investors or buyers of properties are able to guarantee that the contracting company will remedy any issue as agreed upon beforehand and without further costs.


  • Faulty wirings and sockets
  • Broken window latches or door hinges
  • Incorrect material used
  • Cracked or scratched floor boards and tiles
  • Poor paintwork or finishing
  • Leaking valves or broken pipes
  • Ceiling bumps or holes
  • Uneven cement
  • Improperly hanged shelves, cabinets, or mirrors
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